Famine (part 1)

Walking down the street
Realizing there is just something missing
What could it be?
As he ventures down the path of reality

Opens his eyes seeing calamity
Opens his ears hearing insanity
Opens his nostrils smelling burning
Opens his hands feeling insecurity
Opens his mouth tasting that he is hungry

Trying to gather what all is going on
Not knowing when the end will come
Just continuing the walk upon
This mysterious path that continues to beat the same drum

Almost like a dreamy haze surrounding this mans identity
Continuing to breathe deep
As it gets harder to move on he begins to grow weak
Moving through the same routine
His legs begin to feel awful heavy

Can’t get the thought out of his head
The pain of knowing he is famished
But the craving he has he can’t seem to identify
Because it is unknown to him what could satisfy
This form of hunger to save him from the dead

This man seeks answers and is lost on this path
He begins to wonder what can get him away from this wrath
He begins to cry as he realizes each second that ticks by
Is another second that aids in the fact he will die

The man has friends and family
That he wants to continue to see
But he continues to drown over the course of this journey
When will he put an end to the sins dragging him down this path
Starving him from the fulfillment that he could acquire
To finally satisfy this desire
To end his extreme feeling of hunger

Feeling alone not knowing where to go
He quietly seeks answers to this dilemma
Each second ticking by draws him closer to the horrid below
Lying beneath the filth that he built
To stubborn and afraid to ask for help

What is it that you would do?
Continue down the road blind to the goal of what could satisfy you?
Or be courageous enough to step off the rugged path in search for something new?

Perhaps not being in this situation of being caught in something quite this deep
But rather an onlooker who knows what could aid in his discrepancy
Would you stop and feed him the knowledge that he seeks?
Or pass right on by trying to fulfill your own needs?

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