Famine (part 2)

As some may know a physical meal is not what we need
The world today brings hunger to us that it just can’t satisfy
Over the course of our lifetime
Those of us who have found that answer need to share
With people all over our location so they don’t suffer from despair

There are deeper needs than what please the flesh
We can’t continue to let conformity operate our mind
Trying to please both the now and eternal just doesn’t mesh
People tend to think they can do what they wish before they die
That isn’t the case because little do they know it defines how you will go

What are you hungry for in this life?
Is it something that leads to freedom over strife?
Something that fulfills others that need help rather than your own self?
Could you surpass a meal to give others a better deal?

So many people seem to seek success and satisfaction
Not even knowing where to begin
Just knowing that they want it someway, somehow
But at that time of crossroads they think “wow”
Where is it that I can go now?

Truth is on this earth we are always looking
We won’t ever stop
Humanity isn’t something that can feel elongated pleasure
Only spirituality can reign over any other measure

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