Famine (part 3)

When it comes to this earth little do people know about famine
When I define famine I don’t think third world country hunger
I think of how bad this world has become and how it blunders
Compared to what it could be if we all took the time to feed
What it is we all really need
I can’t seem to grasp why others seem to reach
Continually for something that doesn’t make them happy

Let’s get drunk and cause damage to our bodies
So that we can forget the unwanted memories
Oh wait, now I’m in a situation that makes it all worse
Health going down the drain and bad decisions
Resulted from what I had done, but it’s ok it should reverse
Now let’s go back and do it again another way
So that I can attempt to drown out all my sorrows for this day


Yeah I felt the need to be active
Ever since I went on the internet for some pornography
So I went out and proceeded to fulfill that need
Now sometime nine months from now I will have a baby
I didn’t want this to happen, I just wanted a good time
What should I do, I’m just a kid myself with no money
I don’t have time to care for a child, I’m not married
How will I be able to do my own hobbies
When I have to be there constantly


I’m sorry Mom and Dad I wasn’t there to pick little sis up
I had to go do some “homework” at my friends house
No worries though I’ll be there tomorrow for her
Next day picks up his little sister taking her home along the street
Car drives up with someone yelling “Where’s my money?”
He takes off in a panic letting go of his sisters hand
Just to have shots ring out pumping lead all up into his back
Little sister witnesses her big brother’s death
All because he couldn’t go one day without his crystal meth


– “Man I wish I had that dude, but I can’t seem to afford it”
* “ No worries bro, just do what I did and go about it different”
– “What do you mean”
* “You know, try and be a little sneaky”
– “You’re telling me that you stole this from someone”
* “Not quite someone, but rather a somewhere”
– “How did you go about doing that”
* “I know a guy who works in the back”
* “Who will leave a key under the doormat”
– “Alright I will go and see what I can come up with”
Just to have some cops show up to arrest him
With the intent to steal all of those items
Because they were investigating the scheme
Over the course of the last few weeks
So off he goes for a few years in juvy


It is sad to see all of these various situations happening
Trying to fulfill happiness with some form of short lived pleasure
Just to want to continue to go back for more
When huge consequences seem to always lie in wait
To punish and destroy those who keep tempting their fate

I am hungry to see prosperity
I am hungry to hear clarity
I am hungry to smell purity
I am hungry to feel integrity
I am hungry to taste the spread of Christianity

Open your eyes and see
Open your ears and hear
Open your nostrils and smell
Open your hands and feel
Open your mouths and taste
All of the wondrous things that can’t be explained
But can occur if you believe in Christ’s grace

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