Fearful Purpose

Antics and aspirations all the same
Nothing can compare to the Lord Jesus’ name
Yet all is hectic on this earth wondering who
I will become when this pressure is all through
What can it be that God called me to become
Will I be an unknown leader or reach stardom

It still remains that the stress is all the same
No matter what accomplishments I gain
There is still the question that remains
Of what my purpose truly is to help glorify his name

What is at stake for my decision making
That will proclaim a difference in this world of sin
To help bring a glorified presence among those
Who just simply are unaware and don’t know
What it is they continue to miss
As they continue to live their life with an unknown purpose

Lost in a maze of emotional existence
With unexplained representation
Of where my life should go from here on in
That will provide the most messages

It is a fear of mine that I won’t figure it out
What my purpose seems to be all about
Will I miss the signs he lies in front of me
Telling me to go on this route to become extraordinary
Or will I grasp his guidelines to excel
In the effort to help lead those to salvation who are destined for hell

There is always fear that comes with responsibility
Especially when it deals with someone else’s eternity
But that is where trust comes in utilizing your faith
If it wasn’t for Christ you wouldn’t have that destiny
To be all that you can be in order to spread his sake

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