Flow of Mind

When the floodgates open and fools rush in
I can’t believe the madness that begins
Holdin out for somethin fresh
When this Earth just can’t relinquish such things as this

Havin to pretend in order to feel happiness
Lookin to fallacies to obtain some wish
Instead of facin reality of consequence
Not knowin what will come next

We look to the dreams and sky
With continuous questions of why
Why the circumstances continue to elevate
Instead of subside and delegate

I just want to pass this process of trance
That has me locked down in some mental prison
Keepin me at bay, instead of out in a lyrical stance
That could potentially alter one’s vision
To turn their life around instead of eludin to chance

As we prance to the dance that has our thoughts in collision
I sit back listenin to the internal clock
Tellin me there isn’t enough time to contemplate
Sittin around wastin my time wonderin what could be
But to go forward and take action usin writin and rhythm in unison

I face the trouble of not knowin where to go
From here on out I just wish I could take my degree
Use it to get my life started without the slow show
Takin its sweet time to grow into somethin worth the money

Why would I have wasted years of study
Just to end up with far less money
Not usin what it is I have learned through passion
Because I am at a stalemate with this lack of progression

I only have the pen and the pad
To release these demons that I’ve always had
It is sad that it comes to this causin nothin but anger
Drivin me away from the realness of truth into danger

Have so many people watchin my next move
So much pressure put on my shoulders by me in order to improve
Because of the sins I know I’ve committed and the times I didn’t listen
I’m left here empty now askin what to do to again be relevant

Why is it so hard to follow a particular journey
Why can’t I read the signs showin me the way
I have no desire to stray or do things selfishly
I just want the guidance to come a little more clearly

Everytime I hesitate someone else seems to suffer
When I don’t answer the call there is some sort of blunder
If I don’t listen to what it is I was gifted
Then I am losin the chance for someone to be lifted

Have the hot commotion and trend of fashion
Tryin to depict what it is we all are wearin
I stay free spirited because I’d rather not follow
Some sort of ideal that has me changin every tomorrow

I need to grasp that concept in the important things
Maybe then I can come around to the plan God has for me
Curiosity kills the cat some tend to say
When man’s best friend spelled backwards is the light of the way

Capitalize the G before you O-D
So that you can clearly see what love is
Before you take the wrong step into the dark abyss
That has a hold of you subliminally through your conscience

Trackin the flow through your veins
Only the blood of the heart should go
Not the hindrance of alter ego
Causin distress to the regimen of your mind frame

Recreational we all want to be to entertain fun
Since we continue to live under the microscope of the sun
Wishin and waitin for that day we break out
Tryin to live free of the pressure, but that always provides doubts

Regret is the shame we all maintain
When we do somethin that we know is a mistake
We can’t take it back because the time has passed
So we try to relish in what it is we do have

The results may or may not be warranted
But we don’t have a choice now since with choice comes circumstance
With a pro comes a con, but sometimes there isn’t much to stand on
There is too much skill towards ill will it makes me cringe
What will it take to cross over the proper bridge

I want to be off the island of chess
Thinkin four steps ahead just isn’t my forte
I’d rather not be involved in this mess
Much less the stress it entails, I’d rather have it another way

Sittin back and sippin the drink as I think
How to avoid soundin like the typical shrink
Tryin to voice an outlet for people to take
Before their mind breaks from an untimely emotional earthquake

Open roads and flatland to deliver the sense of freedom
Tryin to open the sound waves before too many get claustrophobic
With these repetitious lines of confinement actin like a tick
Parasitic to their wishes, preventin them the right to fulfill the agenda

What steps will the nation take to make it all better
So many complaints, threats, and letters
Suggestion is for the weak it’s time to take a stand
We can’t be afraid to grasp that invisible hand leadin to a better land

Irate we’ve all become losin patience with focus on stardom
Money, cash, currency has become the new contact lens
Since it covers the vision of a number too large to fathom
Tryin to measure success by materialism somethin we need to cleanse

The stains of a horrific endeavor many hide away in fear
Continuin the after thought introducin terror year after year
When one country suffers another one cheers
What kind of outlook is that in times such as these when the end is near

Got a lot of anticipation these days for what may come in twenty twelve
Yet the Bible is one of the last books where people will delve
How sad it is to know they may not be aware
That there is a Heavenly Father and Savior that truly cares

It will be hard to face those who’ve crossed my path
Knowin they may have not realized the impact my words initially had
I want them on my side of the line when time gets wiped dry
So there is no faint indication of a why

The story continues as we march to the drum
Wakin up every day wonderin what it is we will become
A mystery that has yet to be solved
But needs to be figured out before all the lost souls dissolve

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