Scratching my head in deep thought
Sitting alone thinking in the dark
Me and my conscience have yet again fought
What is it that made this commotion spark

Thinking about the surroundings
Sitting there contemplating and wondering
What would life be like had I never been born
Would those I’ve met be any different
If tomorrow it were that way, would the rift be torn
Would someone else have taken up my element

Who would be walking around with my name
Replacing the life that I have lead
Filling the footprints in which I’ve trekked
Would this person be in any way the same

Out of body experience watching myself drain
What is it this world would lose or gain
Had I been diminished instead of maintained

What direction would the family have taken
Who would’ve been chosen as a friend
Where would these words have been spoken
If it weren’t me bringing them to the forefront

There is no way to find these answers
The only true way is to continue to discover
Discover the reasoning things keep happening
The way they do in this constant flurry

Too many possibilities and situations to replace
For one to try and say they were a mistake
My intuition points to being in the right space
To learn from all that has happened and to break
This form of doubt that brings a notion of disgrace
Because the world would’ve never been the same
Had we never been a part of its lifestyle or time frame

So with our heads lifted up we need to move forward
Continue living not only for our own regard
But for all the others who would be effected
Had we never existed and made the effort
To find truth and live our lives as expected

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