For A Moment

1st Verse:

Back in our childhood
With our innocence still good
We always ventured around
Many answers to our questions is what we found

Quick growth lead us to the school yard
Makin new friends not even havin to try hard
Development the focus of our mind set
Back when we were truly passionate

Pleasant and adventurous was our spirit
Not a care in the world for just the realistic
We had wonder in our heads filled with imagination
No worry about anything beyond simulation

We could afford to make mistakes
Play with our friends and procrastinate
Formulate the hopes in our mind
Too avoid all of which was unkind

We all wanted to grow so bad
And now that the time has passed
We can never get it back

2nd Verse:

Then time came to hit up high school
Where we all began to spread apart
Tryin to become someone popular

Our hold on life began to slip
Everyone had just lost their grip
Too much focus on who was cool
Busy makin ourselves look like fools

The athletic dude and actress chick
So many different cliques, it was ridiculous
Nobody took the time to get to know
The person defined beyond the shadow

Too focused on the exterior
Many made themselves feel inferior
Negative complex and a growin experience
Those four awkward years were fast and furious

Then the time came for big decision makin
Who we were and where we were goin
Was somethin we now were choosin
No more time for easy cruisin

Away was the day of simplicity
Now came the side of responsibility
With the main course of true reality

3rd Verse:

College then came and we said hello to diversity
No more little cliques causin a shapeshift
We were now open to the personality
Learnin more about ourselves in the process

Facein more amounts of stress
We pushed on through with new elements
Never scared to go out and take a risk
Because it was time to do these tests
In order for ourselves to become legitimate

The time to seek knowledge had come
We didn’t want to waste away the fun
Formin lifelong bonds with new friends
It was a sad day when it all had to come to an end

The time of our lives to experience it all
The heart of our childhood and the teenage result
Culminatin this transition of growth into an adult

Now comes the real world unlike any other
All the many years went by in a blur
Just to reminisce a little bit is bliss
But now we have to focus on livin
By creatin for ourselves even better moments

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