Give a Treat

To whomever may be reading
I am sitting here pleading
That you will enjoy the success
Of getting rid of any stress
That is causing your life to be a mess

I pray that you will pursue
The tasks laid in front of you
With determination and motivation
To help improve this nation

Doesn’t matter who you are
Or what you look like
To me you are family
I wish the best for all of those despite
Possibly not knowing you personally
Because we all came from the same creator

What we do with our lives may differ
Our beliefs may not be the same
But I still am hopeful love will conquer
Any different associations we may contain

We are all humans with fault
When we all come together in an effort to improve
There tends to be a better result
In the things we are able to do

Look past the exterior being
And allow yourself to start seeing
The person beneath the surface
I still pray for that day when we all start respecting
One another correctly to get rid of all this hurting

Keep kindness first and treat others
The way you would like them to treat you
Because it can be life changing for another
If they receive respectful accolades
From someone they may have betrayed

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