Yo, I’m just a simple man
But everybody has their grudges fam
I just can’t win in this land of sin
Not on either side of the argument

Christians be dissin the correlations
Non-believers the thorough legitimate message
It’s a constant negative somethin mathematic
But I move forward cause I’m emphatic

I know what I do is meant to happen
Go throw away any of your judgments
It’s nice for you to have opinions
But it’s my right to flat out ignore em

Cool, You have a grudge on me
Congrats on wastin your precious time
Listen clearly to what it is that I rhyme
So maybe the next line will come through clearly

If you can’t grasp my concepts
That sounds like somethin personal
If you won’t expand your own intellect
Than I guess your locked into somethin subliminal

If you consider me an issue
Than where has life taken you
Don’t worry about what it is that I do
Focus on the life laid in front of you

[1st Verse]:
All these people jumpin on my back
Tryin to carry all their complaints
Forgive me I’m not built as a coat rack
It’s my job to improve not carry restraints

You have beef, than go feed your family
I’m not interested in conflicted interests
I have an open mind, but not to become a puppet
Yes I sin cause I’m human, but I fight constantly

It’s in my nature, but not in my demeanor
I live for God, Jesus Christ the true Savior
A trinity of three that lives within me
The true force behind what it is that you see

Forgive me if I don’t submit to your knowledge
The essence of pressure that you conform to
Everybody thinks their right in this new age
But that’s just somethin that I won’t do

I like to stay unique bein a straight edge
Keepin myself gifted privatized till marriage
A clear passage so I’m not otherwise influenced
My body is meant for God not silly narcotics

I want pleasure but nothin erotic
I have spiritual grace and glory on lock
Cause it’s the gift that keeps on givin
Here on Earth and forever in Heaven

Many people have claimed to be friends
Just to have them stab me in the back in the end
Nice try that is a cool tactic I guess
I just know I avoid drama, no time for that mess

Life is too short to take for granted
Unexpected tragedies happen so frequent
So why hold a grudge on anybody
Makes no sense to live in ignorance

Feelin neglected and treatin people wrong
It’s time we struck a new tune for this song
Happenin too much on the daily regimen
Let’s form up to create a new collective bargain

Put your focus on importance and purpose
Joy and love deserve the highest proportion

[2nd Verse]:
Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me
Don’t hold me accountable for your misunderstandings
I come in peace with a love that’s everlasting

Unique is the speak of Jesus
Now more than ever is when he needs us
So if you want to crucify my rhymes
I guess it’s alright, but you should make better use of your time

Do somethin a little more productive
Create a few solutions to the world’s problems
Clean up what you see on the television
Propose some clothes for the internet shows

Grudge on me, give me a break
I give my heart for Christ’s sake
Go ahead misunderstand that line
It’s cool people do it all the time

I’m wishin for Christians to love each other
After all we are all sisters and brothers
Facilitate the hate into the shredder
So love can piece us all back together

I walk a fine line to bridge the gap
So feelin this heat surround me is cool
God allows me to manage it like a fuel
Keeps me goin forward until it’s a wrap

So funny those closest to me act like they don’t know
Then strangers come along and are somehow professionals
Let’s get it straight you don’t get me
You will never know all of who I am

So quit tryin to pretend that you know what’s best
Or that you understand how it is I mean what I’m sayin
If you don’t get it, you never will
Simple as that, I’m not here for the thrill

I stand in the midst of problematic situations
A genre of music that doesn’t respect Christians
Yet here I am still givin a go at this
Not for fame, but for the glory of one name
And if you don’t know by now, it is Jesus

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