1st Verse:

What is goin on with all these sexcapades
Goin around transferrin this form of affection
With just about anyone at complete random

Hard to envision any sense of love bein made
People just want to feel some sort of pleasure
In what they think is a clever endeavor
To obtain some sort of love

By spendin those fateful minutes under the covers
You aren’t doin yourself any favors
Just improvin your chances of bein hurt
Shreddin the heart piece by piece forever

Gettin the definition twisted nothin can last
You do what you do and it’s over fast
What is needed is somethin a little more stable
I suggest changin things around and takin a new angle

If your offended I apologize, but take a deep breath
And analyze what truly lies within your mind

2nd Verse:

Steps need to be taken to end this plague
Truly insane has humanity became
Tryin to justify this addiction of shame
With more forms of intercourse like it’s a game

Three letters have now become well known
In the vocabulary of many individuals
Because of the nonsense that has grown
Don’t forget you always tend to reap what you sow

Say hello again to slavery in this day and age
Because of this tragic mishap of expression
Will we ever be able to turn the page
Will sex ever again have true passion

Fatherless children, single Moms
Round and round we go with more problems
Privacy receivin a form of distortion
While also causin the evil tendency of abortion

Free will with life is nice
But why do people covet their money
More than their most gifted prize
Just boggles my mind how it happens so freely

In due time I hope they all realize
The power that lies behind their eyes
Isn’t meant to give in to such a temptation
But rather love is a whole different destination

What people tend to do now lasts minutes
When love is meant to be everlastin
You can’t get that from many persons
One gift, one love, one life, one mission

I just hope they can find the solution
Before divorce, orphans, and diseases elevate
Loyalty would be sweet and abstinence great
Then arises how do we end prostitution

So many questions so little time
So many points so little shine
It’s never too late to change the pathway
Don’t let this activity ruin the days

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