Yeah I respect women is that a crime
I get dirty looks for being kind
Holding doors, writing rhymes
Anything to build a woman up is worth my time

No hard feelings I think your great
Even if you can’t respect my actions
It’s cool because I don’t hate
Seeing women light up brings me satisfaction

I can’t stand seeing females down
They already have so much to worry about
That is the only thing you’ll get from me

Big or small and no matter your race
I will do my best to get a smile on your face
I treat others how I want to be treated
Can’t stand those who feel proud when others are depleted

Moving forward continuing my own trend
Not letting others negativity bring it to an end
I like to remain diligent and high class
Even if I am being harassed

I am content with being a legitimate gentlemen
Even if nice guys always finish last
It is the place I will remain and make legend
Because this ideal will never be a thing of the past

Can’t help it that I have a quality of nice
It brings me joy and a spice to life
I don’t ever want to be seen
As someone who is being unclean

So to all of the women who happen to read this
Thank you for your time and remember
I have nothing but kindness in my conscience
To throw your way from January to December

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