Some people are shy when it comes to helping
They’d rather see themselves benefit first
Instead of taking the reign of being a good samaritan
Making each side involved left off even worse

Providing that push to strengthen another
Is something that we all should provide for each other
Imagine how much progress we all could see
If everyone gave a little bit of themselves from the beginning

Seeing someone in need is always an opportunity
One that can help you grow personally
Being there to strengthen the one that is weak
Providing stability and uplifting encouragement so they can reach their peak

Help doesn’t require you to be unique
Because that is already given to you at birth
The circumstances that come your way show personal technique
Towards what it is you place as a priority in your worth
When you make these choices you do on this earth

There’s nothing wrong with providing aid
We all need help every now and then
So why ignore the void someone else needs
To raise up and get on their feet again
There’s no time to be afraid
Just react with good intention since the benefits to both cannot be outweighed

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