Hidden Agenda

Sitting here not exactly where I’d thought I would be
Out of college with a degree from a prestigious University
Much success and friendships came along through it all
Yet no career still again so far this year and it is almost fall

I ask myself why has it been so rough, what has gone wrong
What more is required of me, what else should I do
I continue to play in my head many different Christian songs
Trying to see if there is an answer that makes its way through

So far just glimpses of hope and beacons of light
Have happened to come through and into my sight
Not much of a direction or specific explanation
So here I am still wondering about my future occupation

But is that what should really be on my mind
When there are others around me who are also having a tough time
To contemplate my issues are exactly my problem I believe
I need to be focusing on what it is God is trying to tell me
Through these struggles and circumstances that continue to be
Keeping me where it is I am instead of where it was I thought about
Why is it so I continue to ask, but that is for me to seek in him and find out

There is always work to do whether it is in an occupation or situation
Keeping that in mind and remembering faith, love, and hope
Is what keeps my heart beating in these times of recession
Looking at life differently is how a Christian can remain afloat
So within these experiences comes blessings in disguise
The only thing that can now come from all of this is victory in God’s time

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