Hidden Gem

Hidden talents all around
What will bring them to the surface
Not a rare event that showcases their existence
But the willingness to be found
By the individual who posses them

Everyone has a gift
That has yet to be relinquished
Some know what it is
While others just resist
The thought of being special

Determination and courage play a big role
In whether or not this individual
Will take the time to exercise
This hidden talent that lies within their soul
That is meant to be brought out of the disguise
Their mind keeps using to hide
The gift that is meant to emphasize
A message to the society nearest them

Some people continue to deny
The prospect of having a gift inside
While others are just to shy
To put themselves in the spotlight
And let it work its purpose

Don’t be weak
Be eager to seek
Those who are meek
Need you to release
This talent of strength

For both you and them will benefit
From this gift
That sets you apart
Ones strength is another’s weakness
And vice versa, so share yours from the start
To allow the growth of in each of your hearts

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