[1st Verse]:
Many know exactly what they want to be
While others still don’t quite know yet
Such a dream that’s hard to reach
Focus gettin bent with doubts bein met

Not quite meetin the expectations
You’ve set for yourself in this destination
Trippin up on the details toward the dream
Lackin self respect and proper self esteem

Feelin the all time lows as you stare out the window
Askin yourself if it is all even worth it
Should you stay or should you just now go
Questions of purpose arise wonderin if you’re fit

Critical acclimations and endeavors
Don’t mean you’re not meant to deliver
Stay focused on the prize you know is right
The dream inside your mind that gives you true delight

In due time if you press on there will be a break
Where you can laugh at the past heartache
Since you will be above the influence of negativity
Things can only improve if you allow yourself to keep progressing

[2nd Verse]:
I don’t know where life has taken you
We are all in different situations
Yet I have problems much the same as you do
Wonderin all the same about this nation

Can we overcome the blockades
That we’ve inherited from other’s mistakes
Or will we allow it to bury us alive
Keepin us away from reachin the sky

Maybe it’s a job or a family
Whatever your goal it’s real
Don’t allow anyone to take your wings
Remain diligent to the strength you conceal

Find that source of energy to spark your fire
And continue forward despite the doubters
It’s your goals in which you want to acquire
We can’t allow others to taint our desires

Reachin that final precipice of grace
Will just reveal a smile on our face
And with more expressions of happiness
That positive attitude can become contagious

Succeed and believe in yourself always
Even with the pain that occurs these days
You can overcome and ascend
Makin the dream a reality instead of pretend

[3rd Verse]:
Knowledge is a powerful tool one we should appreciate
Gotta allow ourselves to excel not procrastinate
A constant reminder to stay on task
Since after all we only have one chance
I know I can’t afford to let it pass

I want to fly high up in the sky
Enjoy the presence of Heaven when I die
Be able to respect my choices in life
Whether I was considered wrong or viewed as right

After all what others think doesn’t really matter much
Since my creator God is the true Judge
I can’t worry about pleasin all human types
Cause every single person has their gripes

Christ is the one who took my stripes
So in him I will strive to entice
Those who are unaware of his sacrifice

You may not be of the same belief
But I know you prefer joy instead of grief
It’s time to rise up out of the hesitance
And become relevant again in our existence

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