I’m a Soloist

It isn’t the matter of the fact
That holds me back in this facet
More or less the feeling in my head
That will carry on with me until I’m dead
Everyone says there is “the one”
Well not for this man under this sun

When I walk I don’t feel alone
When I sit and watch TV by myself
There isn’t a moment that passes when I say
Where is the woman that I should be with today

Me, myself, and I isn’t what it is about
The one who made me still is there to carry
Every emotion and thought that passes throughout
Allowing me to continue doing what I do

Many questions continue to dwell within
About why I am not one who is chosen
To experience a lovely life with a wife
The moments of making love and having kids
But in all honesty those ideas aren’t really relevant
In my day to day thinking I usually imagine
What it is I can do to improve upon who I currently am
For the sake of others who have yet to think what I have

I am uplifted and supported by the highest power
My Lord and Savior is my strong tower
While I love kids and encounter prospects
I know it isn’t what is envisioned for my happiness
Because it isn’t about what I would want
But rather my path and purpose from God

So to see my friends and family get married
It’s a happy time for me, but when I am asked
About my relationship status
I like to make it clear that I am indeed “solo”
Yet I am not by any means alone
Because the one who is with me is always loving
Will never let me down, the true face of trustworthy

I am a unique individual as are the rest
I am not pleased by many things like other humans
I am not driven to pursue the things many others do
I look to one book and not the popular view of each outlook
I can do without a lot of what this world has to offer
Which is what repeats every time I talk with the Father

These thoughts and feelings that I have aren’t understood
By those who surround me, that is how I know it is Heavenly
Even though I am solo through your eyes
I have all I need within me sent from the skies

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