I’m Gone


What if tomorrow were the day that I die
Would I have done enough to spread some shine
I’ve wrote hundreds of rhymes in my time
But will they be remembered when I leave them behind

1st Verse:

Yeah these days when we have the time
We don’t consider hardly anyone else’s lives
We think we have forever with them at our side
Then one day comes along and we just want to hide

Cause we didn’t give them that hug
Or show them the appropriate amount of love
I know that when my day comes
The earth will move quickly, but not my loved ones

I don’t want there to be people sad
I know that when it’s time for me to go, I’ll be glad
I will be headed home away from the stress
That this entire life experience tends to address

Maybe then I can clarify what it’s like to cry
Cause I know I’ll be seein my creator up in the sky
A celebration for me cause it’s a new beginnin
Yet sad for those I’ll leave in the wake of livin

I doubt it will be hard to look back
On a world that just seems to attack
The ones that want to save it from the sin
That many people these days just keep plaguin

2nd Verse:

Angels fly high up in the sky
Each and every day thousands of people die
Why oh Why do some things take place
There’s no need for violence in our space

People mad for no particular reason
So they feel as if they need to commit treason
Not to their country, but to their species
Killin each other over nonsense, with no meaning

I’m tired, I’m exhausted of hearin about rape
What is wrong with these peoples mindstate
I don’t know anyone in agreeance with it
Yet, many have no problem watchin pornographics

There is a link, in how these people think
An inch of a problem causes a mile wide sink
The way this earth is fallin at such a rapid rate
I almost doubt 2012 will come to be Armageddon day

There is a rift in the wind with all these situations
Given me the vibes that their soon will be a revelation
Are you armed for the dangerous that is comin
Cause I’ll be up out of here when the wrathful judgment is fallin

3rd Verse:

I pledge allegiance to the Bible
It is my only guide for survival
To Christ and in which he stands
For God so loved the world, I know I can

I love my family more than the next man
My spirit has risen cause it’s been born again
I will escape the likes of your retaliation
Since I will already have departed toward Heaven

I fade away to the light up in the Sky
Cause I imagine Christ will come again before the day that I die

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