I’ve been back and forth, up and down
Spun round and round like a tornado through town
It isn’t inexplicable to see hidden meanings
After all our lives are all filled with plenty of debris

With that there is plenty of opportunity
For those around us to slip things in
That they would prefer us not to see
Survival of the fittest seems to lead to sin

How can you focus on being a success
When someone you know has a life that’s a mess
Since when was it considered well to be selfish
Focused on monetary value and pleasurable instances
I don’t know many people who reminisce
About memories they had alone, they simply just don’t exist

The fact of the matter is memories are created by being shared
You can’t live in high esteem when you know others are scared
Saying you’ve accomplished something for yourself is fine
But how great is it really if no one else had experienced any shine

The strive for greatness lies in a journey
Yet so much is lost on the way
So many focus on that aspect of money
They lose touch with humanity

Quite sad to see the happenings of greed
Especially with those things leading to horrific happenings
Unaware of what they might be
Some think they are better off not knowing

How can you then make a difference
In helping to rid the lands of such darkness
If it isn’t brought to your knowledge

Open your heart and utilize your mind
There is so much out there to find
People just need to realize
They are meant to use their lives
Not sit back and waste time

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