In the Shadows

[1st Verse]:
I’ve been hid away in the shadows
Snatched up and brought in for testin
Did they find anything interestin
I’ve got no idea, because I’m not invested
So I’ll let you go ahead and ask em

Those that dwell in the darkness
Tryin to be hidden, but still suspicious
Crushin your dreams and wishes, almost parasitic
Lyin to your face about heartaches

Creatin a false sense of security
Mental breaks, emotional ticks like earthquakes
Subliminal serum meant for haunting
No thanks I’ll pass on that milkshake

Bottled up and put under a microscope
Analyzed within my mind as I grind
Fellow citizens of the world it’s hard to hide
We get tested on a daily basis, but don’t lose hope

So many sexual innuendo’s, how about just don’t grope
Innocence bein robbed by those slippin down the slope
Fallin into a pit it’s unfortunate, I suggest gettin to the lift
So you don’t wind up bein unprotected and dissected

[2nd Verse]:
Dwellin on the various happenings, can it truly be
We’re just not wantin to see clearly
Cause it seems that the penetration is immense
Just look at FEMA preparin for a mass exodus

Lyin awake in the midst of chaotic visions
Can we create safety or only try to reminisce
Soldiers takin verbal shots for tryin to protect
Is it not enough they face the real bullet lead

Factory construction runnin down the assembly line
In due time there will be free reign of shine
The shadows that loom with their hidden signs
Aren’t meant to progress past a certain point in time

They can manipulate and imitate transparency
But believe me their time for judgment will come
Obtainin that glory isn’t through fame or money
Cause there is more to life than forms of stardom

The trend of throwback, luxury of a Cadillac
And institution toward the clinic of cardiac
We better look back and see through this clouded mystique
Out from the shadows they come for you to plainly see

[3rd Verse]:
Livin in a world with imagination of fantasy
I can’t even be sarcastic sayin bite me
Cause of the manufactured vampiric society
That seems to be growin with witchcraft and zombies

Horror becomin a centerpiece to fake realities
Dressin up in a disguise roleplayin insanities
Books bein published with erotic pains
Suggestin that love is what their tryin to portray

A triangle of love, that’s kind of clever
You almost had me fooled with your little endeavor
Pyramid schemes robbin people blind of wealth
Without hesitancy these signs are out of stealth

Showin the mark of the beast in the least
Fools actin like their never gonna be deceased
Child please, get familiar with the meanings
Cause there is such a thing as biblical prophecy

Regulation is almost out of the question
Internet filled with nonsense that has many connections
How to stop a well oiled engine, take away the spark
You want to defeat the evil, than I suggest you turn away from the dark

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