Inner Shadow

Shrouded in doubt
Future tasks have you down
Unable to smile because of the frown
That is placed on your face
Every time you run into trouble
Looking for an escape on the double
So you can exit this place
That has you feeling disgraced

Overhearing your conscience rule you out
With all of this pressure continuing to rain down
Feeling embraced by illegitimate claims
Driving yourself insane
With the nonsense of making a household name
For yourself in the grand scheme of things

Continuing to ask, why me?
Why this amount of difficulty?
What is it that I did to deserve this suffering?
Can I truly succeed?

Nothing is truly free
So don’t ever expect easy
To be the normalcy
In anything that you try to complete

Keep striding toward being great
Don’t let the little things
Push you away from becoming
What it is you were meant to be
Yesterday is in the past
Let today be the day of a clean slate
So you can once again allow a smile to last

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