Inner Venture

Analyzing the anatomy
Of creatures such as ourselves
Makes you wonder how it all works
So the mystery is where we delve

Mind bending hypocrisy
Seems to slip in every now and again
Because of the argument leading to how it all began

There can’t be found an explanation
Only similarities that lead to contemplation
With this science experimentation
Hence the reason is isn’t the correct application
To base our beliefs in this abomination

We weren’t meant to understand
Everything that is put forth in front of us
Otherwise the future wouldn’t be in God’s hands
Rather a race to see who could just
Rule over everyone else in creating what they please

Patience is key
We humans need a humbling
We aren’t the greatest beings
To live among all this creativity

Allow your five senses to realize
That the time is near
When everything won’t be clear
Because when you die
A whole new era will arive

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