There is a time when you have to rise
And overcome all of the lies
That try to keep you down, because others despise
The choices you made to make yourself wise

Feeling deprived and alone, left out in the cold
Don’t hesitate to show what you’ve been told
In the past to make your life last
And more meaningful than a handful
Of self disrespect because others fail to see
Your true sensitivities and inner meaning

Can’t be afraid to go out on a limb
Make decisions that will better you
Get in touch with what’s deep within
Let it come out in the open and when you do
Something great will come as a reward
For your courage and help you move forward
In your march that you hoped you could make
Sometimes difficult risks are necessary to take

Someday perhaps you will figure out a way
To allow yourself the grace
Of doing something important rather than just play
Putting a smile on someone elses face
And make them feel like everything is ok

Answer the inner fire to inspire
And acquire the sense of accomplishments
Through the use of fulfilling anothers desire
Bringing them a feeling of refreshment

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