Into the Light

[1st Verse]:
Engulfed in this nightmare
Feelin as if nobody in life cares
Harborin those feelins of indiscretion
Ashamed even at the thought of mention

Such pain embracin us today
Hard to look beyond tragedies
Cloudin the scope of humanity
It’s time to formulate a new strategy

Let go of the past, but learn from it
Change the future, by acceptin the present
Open your mind to what’s kind
Disallowin imagery that makes you blind

Don’t lose your independence
By givin in to what’s simplistic
Stay away from the claims
Of false promises to success
That rain down on your parade

Get away from those chains
Deny the pain from becomin rage
Instead be victorious over the hold
Encourage yourself now to be bold
And step into the light so your story can begin to unfold

[2nd Verse]:
So you have an addiction
That has you sittin back wishin
You could break its mission
Of leadin to your inward destruction

I know it’s hard to manage
But there are plenty of passages
In which you can leave it behind
Lettin it fade right out of your mind

The power is yours if you allow it
Don’t fall victim to its cruel element
All the pain and regret isn’t right
Never surrender, please continue the fight

You deserve to be free from this
A chance to experience true bliss
Not manufactured forms of ill intentions
But good quality life experiences

Open your eyes to the realness
You are far too valuable to give in
You have such a greater purpose

Look around and recognize your gifts
For those will enhance your decisions
To dismiss the problems of this addiction
Allowin yourself to now become the solution

[3rd Verse]:
There’s always an open door
Just waitin for you to walk through
So pick yourself up off the floor
You know it’s the right thing to do

Begin the adventure away from the pain
There’s nothing left to contemplate, it’s no game
Joy is a far better feelin than shame
And since your still breathin it’s time to change

So break the habit of bein afraid
It’s time to overcome those fears today
Success can’t happen unless you try
And you only fail if you waste time

A little work isn’t a bad thing
The best rewards come from large risks
This pain will only continue to sting
Unless you invest in pursuin the fix

Remembrance is always a great asset
But with it can come great consequence
So be aware of your emotional developments
And resist the traps of detrimental consumptions
That disregard the likes of your health and righteousness

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