Issue of Trust

Trust is an issue for many to deal with
Hard for many to invest their emotions within
Someone to holster their secrets and tribulations
All in the effort to seek an ounce of comfort

People come and go
There are the friendly and the awful
The ones you give informational flow
Aren’t always the people they seem to be
That next conversation for them that is dull
Could relinquish your personal info

Trying to find those who can be responsible
Is always a tough task to accomplish
Never truly knowing their values
Can always cause that trust to vanish

That is why so many today
Tend to keep things bottled up inside
They don’t want to risk the foray
That results in their self confidence to hide
Behind a wall of teasing and torment

Everyone wishes they had a source
That always listened and gave them the respect
Of not spreading their internal content
Many have yet to find the course
To take in order to make that wish come true

The one and only place to go
Is the one that will always be there for you
Always near hoping you go to him for advice
No matter what you do
He will always want to comfort and aid
In any situation you feel will suffice
And that place is the Trinity through Christ

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