It’s Time

1st Verse:

It’s hard to believe
What my eyes have seen
What my ears have heard
What my mind has learned

Going about my life the last 6 years
No music no voice
Now I’m left without a choice

No way can I stand by
Hearin all these lies
Livin with my tongue tied

It’s time to take a stand
Formulate a plan
To take down the miseries
That have began

I don’t know where to go
But I know how to start
I’ll take the guidance
That was given from my heart

The time has just simply come
To combat these evil freedoms


It’s time to break out
To always be strong
To always be aware
To prove them wrong

It’s time to stand up
To always be prepared
To always be ready
To save the scared

It’s time to move forward
To always be clear
To always be around
To shed their fear

It’s time to make the sacrifice
To always be true
To always be willing
To let God use you

2nd Verse:

I’m keepin against the grain
Refusin to let these hypocrites dictate
What it is I’m allowed to say

They use their freedom
To impeach and defame
Those who are livin through Christ’s holy name

They always express hate
Which they feel is ok
It all makes me irate

Here and there they go
Fighting a battle just for show
Tryin to impede against somethin
They don’t quite know

What is it they want
Where can this possibly go
No longer can this nonsense grow


No…No more silence
(It’s time to speak)
Let’s end the silence

3rd Verse:

Come on Christians
It’s time to take a stand
We have to buckle up and follow God’s plan

We can’t just sit back and watch
The fall of innocence and bliss
That we expect to have promised

Work needs to be done
Hours to be put in
To end this sin
Plaguin what’s left of our nation

Push forward and do what’s right
So communication can be cleansed
And blessed in the light

Delve in the love
Spread the message
Pray and listen to the words comin from above

Join with others to combat the ignorance
Christ didn’t die for us to stand by and do nothin

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