Ladies please enlighten me…

I am confused by women today
Why is it in this day and age
A nice guy cannot simply get a reply
Of positive feedback to spark a vibe
With a nice young lady

Why do nice guys finish last
That is the same question I continue to ask
Having friends get denied for some other guy
That the girl ends up regretting getting with pretty fast
It boggles my mind
That to this day guys with values and goals fall flat

Such restrictive things that are unseen
What more do we have to do to improve our qualities
I thought that not smoking was a good thing
Not gettin drunk was a positive
Waiting until marriage was thrilling
As well as being respectful made them feel alive

Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong
But you figure we could acquire some interest
I guess with the times women’s views have changed
Going for a dude that makes tons of mistakes
Is the path that they’d rather take

Playing it safe is no longer a good idea
Girls seem to want to have to work on a project
Mold the guy into something they need
Not having enough self respect
To acquire something that feels a little more correct

Beats the heck out of me why anymore
Nice guys like me can’t be adored
We get called sweet and charming
Yet the way we get treated can be quite alarming

Forcing us back to give the addict a crack
At being the man to later on complain a few more times
Being there for the girls just isn’t enough anymore and I’ve learned that’s fine
It is just tough to know where to draw the line

Because it is tiring trying to be a gentleman
When in these days it gets looked down upon
I remember when girls died for chivalrous acts
Even today they continue to ask why it isn’t going on
When it’s easy to see they helped make it go away awhile back

Can’t believe how they can choose a bad dude
Then complain about the bad things they do
When they knew what they were getting into
Back when they made the choice to invest
The time into him thinking he was best

My mind can’t give this a rest
Just continuing to see all of these developments
Is quite disappointing
Knowing that I won’t change for the worse
Hopefully some girls out there enjoy a solid man
That will treat them great for as long as he can

Ladies please enlighten me on why this seems to be
I’d rather hear from the source and get your thoughts
Rather than continue to view and see all of this happening
Seeing some good dudes get straight up distraught
Over getting passed by for someone ten times less caring

How is it in your eyes and around you
Because all of this isn’t always entirely true
Just most of the time, so feel free to share your stories… please do
Cause we want to know what it is that makes things so different from the past
And why it is that nice guys continue to finish last

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