Lay Myself to Rest

1st Verse:

Rollin tides, lack of sunshine
Continuous questions of why
I continue to battle on
But face resistance like Teflon

This bullet of life can’t seem to penetrate
The wall that’s preventin me somethin great
Left empty time and time again
Facin a struggle to even fake a grin

Flowers bloomin each tick of the clock
More and more I feel like I’m stuck under a rock
Buried deep in the sadness
With the cold of this earth growin madness

Enclosed in some coffin
Havin nail after nail bein driven in
Buried alive with all these notions
Contemplatin failure, anger, and false emotion

I try to wake myself up out of this nightmare
Yet no control is yielded, cause life just isn’t fair
Hard to once again get myself learnin to care
When my mind is cluttered with nothin but despair

2nd Verse:

Caught up in a lie that I’m done
When tomorrow brings a new sun
Shinin light on this glimpse of darkness
That overshadows my conscious

Entrenched with indecision of past actions
Effectin my future more with the present
Rebuildin this shattered image of self
To move forward in good mental health

Aches and pains to no longer control
The amount of stress that my psyche enrolls
Havin to face the fact of doubt and denial
Better unveil somethin worthwhile

So I don’t feel the element of reprisal
Come flowin into my sense of revival
I must escape the mortar of these burdens
So I’m no longer consumed in hardship

Pressure buildin to mold a new gem
Just gotta somehow endure this bedlam
To once again rise to the occasion
That was expected of me in creation

3rd Verse:

Cruel reality of broken ties
Facin the facts that I despise
Wonderin how to overcome this nuance
That has produced a foul fragrance

Hard to breathe and stay positive
When all that you can give
Just never seems to be enough

Everyone’s life is tough
But I don’t use that as a crutch
Cause I have Christ who’s overcame this stuff

I’ve been saved once, I need to be carried again
Can’t let trial develop forms of sin
Despite the many types of temptation
That may be in the midst lingerin

Guidance is needed, I can’t quit
It isn’t in my demeanor to forfeit
This is God’s life not mine to dismiss
I have to step up and pass the test

I think I can, I know I can
Get back on the correct regimen
To again be man enough to let Him end this

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