(1st Verse):
A virgin lady havin a baby
Everybody thinks it’s a bit shady
But maybe just maybe you misunderstand
The progress and purpose of the plan

Born under a great star near Bethlehem
Came a baby that would be a powerful man
Not one that is of the likes of today
Because He lived without sin all of his days

Growin up knowin what was yet to come
His destiny of livin as God’s only begotten Son
Betrayal to be from his own beloved people
But still He proceeded to do what needed to be done

Walkin and teachin people to be pleased
Showin them a new way to live faithfully
Miracles took place and lands filled with blessings
All He wanted to do was give instead of receive
A remarkable life and wonderful sight to see

(2nd Verse):
A legend is a one of a kind
A hero in stature and mind
The heart of a champion all of the time
Glory be to the LORD most high

Spannin generations like earth, water, and sky
Close your eyes and see the sparks fly
A baby born with expectations to save all of mankind

I don’t know why the reason for treason took place
But every time my heart beats he shows his grace
Healin the blind by simply a touch on the face
Resurrectin the dead by just callin their name

Brought freedom to slaves and the righteous
Gave victory and rebirth to a few nations
Took the punishment you and I deserved
All without complaint not even one single word

He set us free with his death and sacrifice
Washin away all of our sins, payin the price
I’m enticed each day that it is I awake
For His sake I walk and act with my abilities

(3rd Verse):
I can’t say I was here when he walked this earth
Cause I was in Heaven gettin created, ready for birth
However I got to meet him while I was here
Since it is He that I confide in year after year

He walks with me and talks with me
Livin as my guide through all the insanity
Carryin me through the mess of stress
All while moldin me into what He sees is best

Hard to forget all that has been done
To enable me a chance at this particular run
Bein there is a race we all have to face
I’d say don’t vanish without a trace

Allow yourself to truly live in grace
Accept the gift that comes with ease
Because Christ didn’t live and bleed
For you to avoid Heaven, somethin so legendary

It’s a legacy that is meant for you to see
All you have to do is really begin to believe
Open your heart and fill the gap quickly
So you can enter your real home once finished with life’s story

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