As I sit by the window sun shining down
I hear the laugh of my niece and nephew
As they are outside running around
A thought comes across my mind
What will lie ahead for them in due time

Looking down on them from the second floor
I envision them growing in place, time frozen
Slowly going from age three to thirty
Innocence and childhood is no more
Each person a life, a story

Encountering everyone and meeting new beings
Living breathing like we have for years
We each share different experiences routinely
Past and present, untold stories in-between our ears

I reminisce back in college walking to classes
Passing hundreds of people doing a common stride
What was it going through their minds
As we each walked near each other side by side
Different stories, yet a common picture reflects
The journey that lies ahead for the masses
It is life, the development of it so complex

Open and closed books all the same
Each person a comparison in that mind frame
Something to say from the past
The results are what is offered in the present
Much to decide about the future ascent

We offer ourselves up on the exterior
Which is what the world sees first
Will judgement on that aspect prevent the interior
From experiencing a fateful chapter

More stories than moments pass us by
Because each person is a story that deserves time
Time to be ventured into and explained
Good or bad, happy or sad
The story can be influenced by any helping hand

The next time you’re surrounded by a crowd
Remember the effort your life has taken
To get to that place you currently are
Then examine your thoughts of the crowd deeper
So ignorance doesn’t make you mistaken

To each their own story
Many of which are untold
Life is a journey
Where we need to behold
Those around us as worthy
More valuable than gold

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