[1st Verse]:
Turn the lights on just flip that switch
Get out of the gutter away from the ditch
Don’t rub a bottle to fulfill a wish
Accept Jesus and get added to the list

What’s the weather forecast, what’s the outlook
Can’t control nature, it doesn’t go by the book
Stagnate movement on the rise in these ill times
Quicksand characteristics slowin down the tide

My oh My what’s this so called art on the fly
Torture and cruelty is never good for the eyes
What’s your priority the heart or the mind
Can you coordinate both or let em each subside

So much now in this world that can be despised
Anger, hatred, racism, and of course suicide
Violent tendencies derived from sexual imagery
Pedophiles, perverts, with porn bein the new slavery

[2nd Verse]:
Apparently there’s a freedom to destroy innocence
As well as a plot to dismantle all relationships
Lettin go of the hand that saves isn’t all that wise
But when you’re ready He’ll help you again to rise

It seems conspiracy is drivin the imagination
Or is there some weight to these assumptions
Can it be a cover up of great proportions
Cause democracy has appeared to have fallen

I look low in the sky and see that which is unidentified
It isn’t alien spacecraft, but evil dressed in disguise
A false sense of comfort in a light that isn’t divine
Don’t be fooled by the hint of truth within the lies

Only 100% can ever make you certain
But how can you know if you don’t experience the feelin
Two sides to every story this is just a fact
So sit on the couch or do somethin against the attack

[3rd Verse]:
What will it take for these people to realize
The complaints that they make need change
Instead of words it’s actions needed today
Don’t throw money out in hopes it arrives
Put forth some effort give a little time

Entrenched with indecision clock tickin attrition
The easy way isn’t always the bargain
Humble tactics and endurance fuel a mission

Experiences are what help elevate exposure
Not everybody is meant to become a soldier
But we should all fight for what is right
Move ahead in this darkness to spread the light

Callin all Christians, we need to be resistant
Don’t conform to these antics that are sadistic
Be realistic follow the word of God how it is written
The doctrine is pure so help spread it’s message

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