Livre Escreva

The pendulum swings as the clock gets cleaned
Toil and trouble on the double in retrospective meanings
Classic race with a frantic pace not knowing which lace
To measure and tighten in the steady movement of emotion across your face

Wind blowing, rain falling, thunder heads flow across the sky
Cars riding down the highway passing life by
Windows crescendo a hidden allure of spiritual battle
Ever closer to the voices that speak in cataclysmic rattles

Each click brings forth a new invention
Causing more and more setups for intervention
The numbers now on a guide to lead you to a destiny for a certain amount of time
Entrancing you away from reality to fill a form of entertainment in your mind

Satellite orbit capturing the imagery of privacy
Never a hidden moment in the land we proclaim free
Time ticking away as we continue to watch the moments fade
Grasping for another breath lying in a hospital bed as a flashback of memories parade
Through the eyelids of what was once something happy

Destined for death at the first sign of birth
Stumbling through criticisms and pain trying to show worth
Never a dull moment in boredom opening new doors
Trying to pick ourselves back up off the floor

Enticing temptation dangling in front of us
Drawing our focus away from the others that we must
Help and maintain to signify a relationship and friendship that remains
As the water flows down the river to break the boundaries away

Growth and bloom arise out of the frozen tundra
In a sun lit environment to grow a new plethora
A season of change to allow for more possibility
Just to deny access to those facing more responsibility

Intended to make change and force new policies
We remain content with a playback of lies and falsities
Written text that expresses different elements of hope
While children and parents continuing to fall at the expense of dope

Forever illusioned in a hypnotic trance that forces betrayal in a nation
As we picture something ever better in our portrayal of imagination
The pieces of the puzzle refuse to indulge in something that is clever
Because of the forceful nature and hatred that has fused together

Each species tries to speak and show the true creativity of the life it brings
All the while many remain silenced being too scared to sing
Due to the plagues that have surfaced to drown the elegance that’s pure
With the timeline remaining the same as the moments grow closer to the rapture

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