Look at Me

[1st Verse]:
Many times these days we focus on the outside
We don’t take the time to learn someone’s inside
All the hurt and pain they could be feelin
May never be known cause of our initial judgment

What looks good or bad on the exterior
Could be the total opposite of the interior
Conditioned to feel something initially
We need to extend towards real feelings

There are so many experiences unknown
All because of the way we often proceed
The problem has simply just grown
To the extent of creatin mass negativity

Constantly hearin stories about bullies
The lowerin of self esteem for the ladies
All because of the crudeness in the tendency
There isn’t just one definition of beauty

So get on track correct your views
Reflect how you expect to be treated in what it is you do
Cause we have all been on both sides of the situation
With us all sittin back left sayin

[2nd Verse]:
You hear about it most growin up in school
Someone creatin a rumor actin a fool
Makin the life of someone tough for nothin
When behind the scenes their hurt is overwhelmin

It is just insane how much you might learn
If you take the time to show a little concern
Jumpin to conclusions about that kid in class
Might prove to be a terrible mistake lookin back

Not only do things change over time
But consider your worst times in life
Would you want added stress put on
From people who have no clue about your situation

Makin assumptions all based on the sense of sight
Is a disability that many people are viewin as right
Don’t think you can predict what’s beneath
All based on the simplistic things that you see

There are men and women of all ages
With deeper stories than what shows on their faces
Like a books cover doesn’t represent all the pages
Just think to yourself that the person must be sayin

[3rd Verse]:
There’s plenty of times throughout history
Where you’ve witnessed this form of judging
Everyone has done it so we all are guilty
Correctin it after so long is the real difficulty

Ladies and gentlemen it is a common occurrence
We cannot ignore the existence of this
It’s part of why many are so unhappy today
Cause it creates regrets of actions taken yesterday

If it happens in your nation than let’s get to changin
The fact that we want to eliminate anyone from sayin

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