As this holiday goes away
I’m left thinking about how
All of this freedom came my way
Since the past brought pain in order to have pleasure now
All the fallen of the past
Live through all of our actions

Remembering those who sacrificed their lives
On this memorial day
Is a special way to commemorate
A gift of generosity that we rarely see today
Despite how greatly our country thrives

Soldiers of war, common heros, and good Samaritans
All passing by throughout the many eras
That this earth has lived in

As we sit here and enjoy the lives we’ve been given
We should remember all of those who came before
To help give us the life we can now call our own
Remembering that this freedom wasn’t free
It came at an expensive cost, blood flowing like the sea

Many brave individuals buried under all this green
That I’m sure cannot believe what has become
The nation that they once protected from ungracious means
Being as we don’t respect what has happened before or even now
To protect the lives that we continue to live out

Many people will bash war
Yet expect things to come to them freely
I don’t know anything that comes without consequence
There are just some things that can come without bloodshed
Be thankful that others have died for you indirectly
Because without them, you wouldn’t be this happy

Lots of people show belief in the butterfly effect
But think that they themselves are the direct result of what they do
Once one thing happens it tends to resurrect
Much change in yourself and all of those around you

I would like to remember the one that started this trend
Of sacrificing himself for the greater good of humanity
The man was and is still today a legend
You may know him through the belief of Christianity

Jesus was a solid man who had a goal
He knew what was to come, but never did try to run
The responsibility laid upon him to save our souls
Was something he just couldn’t turn away from
There wasn’t to be any glamour or gold
Just the understanding of giving a gift throughout generations

So to all of those who had family members or friends
In the war efforts of the past or today’s present
Just remember to pay them their proper respects
Regardless if you agree of why they were or are in the situation
Because encouragement and thankfulness is what they should receive
Instead of hearing how people complain that their time is a waste

Thank you to all who have rose up to the occasion
To help protect and formulate such a powerful nation
Even with all of the bad operations in today’s society
There are plenty of worthwhile inspirations to be recognized

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