Mind Matter

1st Verse:

Call me the analyst, a true mind man
Lookin at behavior and situations
Unlike any other specimen

The brain is a beautiful tool if you use it right
Capable of producin images beyond sight
Emotional roller coasters cut down to playpens
10 percent of the brain is what we’ve been given

The other 90 percent is a wild mystery
Somethin that can never be replaced by technology
Efforts to become a scientific experiment
Will fail to discover every detail of development

No way can you tell me somethin is impossible
With all that the mind can transform to become capable
Electric pulse, wired blood flow, and infinite possibilities
To what one can use it to think ever so clearly

Don’t tell me what the DNAs say
The matter of the human mind
Is more than your mind can simply display

2nd Verse:

Mind photographic with an imagination
Rumored to be impossible by the psychological nation
With an intellect so distinct and pristine
Many cower at the thought of no further discovery

Comin at me with your socio-logics
Tryin to tell us we’re not special with a sense of purpose
Then what is the time spent thinkin a result of
Where is it that our unique instincts then come from

Fear is felt when one happens to get scared
Happiness then arises when the victory appears
Hope should always be alive in your mind
With each heart beat as the time goes by
The mind matter increases beyond the skyline

Every breath that you take is gift
Our body a temple in which we should relish
Not incriminate and destroy with irrational habits
Purify, cleanse, and thrive on with intelligence

3rd Verse:

I like to venture beyond the restrictions
Use every ounce of my brains ambition
I don’t want to live life with views of simplicity
When the universe like my mind has an unlimited capacity

Goin through books and different text
Media propaganda always in the mix
Scientific endeavors tryin to be the fix
Along with the spiritual battle still in conflict

The stress of expectation and temptation
No time for relaxation

Constant struggle to overlook the negative
That is presented as the new way to live

Step back into my thoughts for a second
To try and reflect the image in my head
That shines a positive light into this darkness

The flood of treacherous news broadcasted
International problems now more elevated
Our homeland in a struggle with reality
Thats why with my mind I part away all the falsity like the red sea

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