Constant mainstream conspiracies
Overwhelming the thoughts and ideas of many
Holding them captive only to be distracted
Pulling them away from their true calling

Blind to the aspect to repent
In a way that can change them today
Raising them up for many blessings

Global violence and unusual stylists
Changing the way many are portrayed
With a twist so sadistic many seem to miss it
Since they lack the proper belief system

People throw drugs and medication
At any form of excruciating pain
In the hopes that it soon fades away
Yet when trouble comes in the form of complete disarray
Many don’t know where to look in this day and age

Trying to find a prescription for their emotional pain
Through sex, through drugs, through alcohol, etcetera
Every unfathomable body damaging way

Strikes of shame on reminiscent decay
With their mind so hazy, they can’t be observant today
To communicate with the mysterious display
That is their answer to overcome this dismay

For the cure to these despicable methods
I kneel and I pray for change
Because each day the clock ticks
It’s another second longer they miss out on the gift

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