Though we weren’t together at birth
You were the woman that made me of worth
You raised me from a baby into a man
God knew it would be you before my time began

You were the one to choose my name
You were there when I began to walk
You helped teach me how to talk
You always took me to Church
Ever since I arrived here in Burt

You always cheered for me
And have given me many opportunities
Too many to be thankful for
You’ve always aided me in opening new doors
While also being a great example biblically

You’ve been there with me through thick and thin
When I’d be struggling and had questions
You were always there to give reasoning
To the things that I needed help understanding

You’ve helped me recover from sickness
Encouraged me to take a stand
And always supported me in being strong willed
You still continue to keep your promise
To love me unconditionally taking my hand
Guiding me to a relationship with the Lord to remain fulfilled

I value the relationship that has came
Through our lives together over this time frame
No other Mother I’d rather have at my side
When troubles come and I want to hide
Because you have helped me through time after time

Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do
Words just can’t express my gratitude
You have always been my Mother
Even before those long 18 hours
We were destined to be together
I will love you always and forever

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