These days there are more genre’s and forms of music out there than any time before. With the technology that is presented almost anyone can create instrumental music or record lyrics that they themselves write. Recording studios have become fewer and in-home studios have become more and more prevalent. With the cost in these technologies becoming more affordable as is the case with other technologies, music is growing and expanding quicker than ever before. What is it though that you are allowing to enter your hard drives, mp3 players, CD cabinets, and mind in general? There are various forms of music that try and get across similar messages. We can all agree that music is seen as an art and art is seen as a form of expression in order to portray a message of some sort. In most cases even though the genre’s are different there are similar expressions to get across the same message just in a different way. Paying close attention to the lyrics is one way to analyze what it is you are exactly allowing your mind to absorb. On top of that though music has grown to become involved with many other forms of media. You have it getting accessed every time something on a cell phone functions, expressing a scene in a movie, guiding a video game story, or simply being symbolized with its very own music video. Music is expanding in how it is gaining access to our thoughts and behaviors. What exactly is it you are spending your money and hard drive space on in this particular day?

I don’t want to name off all of the variations of musical genre’s that you hear of these days because frankly I doubt I am even aware of all of them that are out there anymore. You do have two varying aspects of the art though that is known by everyone and that is Mainstream and Underground. Mainstream is seen as the music that is being corporately funded and being presented through various forms of media to the mass public. Underground is the music that is unknown or unseen across mass media, but it is the music that stems from the creativity of almost anyone who wishes to dip into the art. You then have the segments of Mainstream and Underground that can be cut up not into genre per se, but rather demographic. There are differing age groups, lifestyles, and beliefs that the Mainstream and Underground can apply to, which in most cases this is a difference in genre… but it isn’t always the case. For instance you can have various styles of one genre span several demographics. These days styles tend to blend more than differentiate between demographics. What it all comes down to though is what you allow yourself to get exposed to because that is then what you become aware of. Lifestyles tend to guide particular people toward certain music these days rather than just naturally getting exposed to it. Introduction of these genre’s and styles happens over the course of every day occurrences more often times than not. There are musical messages that aren’t necessarily fully understood because of different talents that arise or different forms of expression that come up that otherwise had never been observed before. Why is it that people are more accepting these days and not actually analyzing anymore? Over the course of the years you had many people that made a conscious decision toward what it is they listened to, whereas now it is more of a subconscious blind exposure. What made a conscious decision was the fact that people actually studied music in many ways.

You could find hidden messages within songs depending on what you did with the instrumental or lyrics. Then people actually took the lyrics and looked into what was actually being said by this particular person. These days there are more opportunities than ever before to find actual meanings, but there seem to be fewer people actually doing so. So many people are being effected by something they don’t even know is taking a hold of them. There are people that wonder why they act in a certain manner only when particular atmospheres are present and a lot of times there is certain music involved amongst this particular atmosphere. What exactly are surrounding atmospheres that you would expect to see in these new age “social” situations? One easy thing to pick out is music as one of the pillars to these social situations. Why is it that there tends to be so much evil surrounding specific areas where certain music is involved? Night clubs, frat parties, gatherings for recreational drug use, sex parties, etc. all have their forms of music being played helping to influence the actions of the people involved. What exactly is the reasoning behind all of this? Why can’t people see the correlation to the meaning of this music and where it is played most? How can many not acknowledge the fact of symbolism within much of the music being played in these particular gatherings? When watching a movie what is it that effects your emotions the most? Whether you know it or not, it is the sound/music that impacts your sensory subconscious reactions more than what it is you visualize. So it is already a proven fact that musical instrumentation can effect the way your body reacts and the emotions it feels. Another thing you have to realize is reactions aren’t always necessarily controllable, sometimes you don’t make the conscious effort to react… you just do.

Now how is it not safe to say that adding a lyrical message now doesn’t also effect the way you think? If you take a close look at the styles of many of these so called “popular” acts one thing stands out more than anything else and that is repetition. The best way to learn something and remember something is through repetition, which is known by almost everyone because that is how you begin to teach younger children to begin their mental developments. You also use repetition throughout the course of your life to enable yourself a good solid memory foundation. Can you not see music using repetition to try and grasp a hold of your mind in order for you to remember what it is you are hearing from them? There are messages within each song that you may not be aware of hidden beneath the surface. You hear the music and want to react, some don’t even pay attention to lyrics half of the time because of how well they just like hearing the instrumental. That is another technique that people use in order to disguise their hidden agendas or expressions they feel may or may not be accepted otherwise. Just look at the combination of a beautiful sounding female vocalist being combined with a normal sounding male lyricist. What is it that you tend to remember most? You hear everything that is being said and played, but what sticks out in memory is the disguise of the wonderful sounding female vocalist most of the time considering she is generally given the part of the track that is of the repetitive nature. Then this gives free reign to the male lyricist to gel with the instrumental disguising his lyrics within the flow of the beat. Considering most of this type of music is normally played in social settings, there are generally other substances involved to distract a person as mentioned above. With these distractions it allows the brain to absorb what is being said, but the person doesn’t actually apply a conscious sense of awareness or understanding. So a lot of times people are being affected by these things and not even knowing it. As mentioned prior a lot of people act differently than normal within certain settings where certain forms of music can be involved. Well I know what you are saying, “didn’t you just mention other substances being involved?” where the answer would be yes I did in fact mention that. However, not only are there times where people don’t use these substances and still act differently… but what does most of the music being played contain? Much of it contains the message of using the same particular substances or partaking in similar actions that are being involved within these social experiences. So how can anyone say they are not related? Sex, lies, and substance using lifestyles are all involved in a lot of “popular” “social” atmospheres these days while being accompanied by these sex, lies, and substance using musical messages.

This begs the continued point of good vs. evil, do you listen to the same music to calm you down and relax as you would to get excited or in “fun” mode? The answer is no, you do not react the same to different forms of music. Go watch movies of a different genre, which as stated earlier use the different genres and styles of music to get you to feel the proper emotions of that particular story… now tell me if they are the same. They will not be the same at all and those are mostly just instrumental differences. A little known fact that you can find in the Bible is that Lucifer now commonly known as Satan or the Devil is referred to as the Angel of Music. This does not mean that all music is evil, but it does show you that he has a large influence on the negativity you see within the music industry. There are people being tempted by him in order to spread the message of being Anti-God or Anti-Christ without exactly outright saying that. The main area of music in the “popular” a.k.a. Mainstream realm without question glorifies reckless lifestyles that just create problems for all of those involved. Music that portrays the usage of substances easily showcases how it wants one to think it is “fun” to make decisions to partake in actions that are detrimental to your body. Music that glorifies sex has also gotten in the heads of many people, which then results most often times than not in what? The correct answer is regrettable decisions and sometimes unchangeable problems because it isn’t glorifying the proper definition or expression of sex. There are answers and correlations that are so plainly revealed to the human eye if only people could take the time to observe them. If there is music glorifying evil and detrimental actions do you not then deem that as bad? I mean it is easily established that we as people place evil, bad, hurtful, demeaning, detrimental, violent, and satanic all on the same side of the spectrum no matter what. So why do so many classify music that has these messages of hatred, detrimental actions, and evil in general as “good”? Why is it that so many are allowing these to be “popular”? In essence you are in turn celebrating these actions and the pains that many people suffer as your own form of entertainment. Why is this being the case? This isn’t just an art there is obviously a purpose behind it.

People need to wake up and realize many of these things because our surroundings do in fact effect how we think, act, and react. There are hidden meanings and messages that are implemented into the things we encounter on an everyday basis. It continues to strike me as a surprise how people are so unaware of the unseen. There are so many that cannot believe something that they don’t see, yet they experience as well as partake in unseen behaviors and actions every day. There are many that only acknowledge what it is their senses can experience as being truth, well how can this be the case when your senses can be tempted and controlled by negative things to distract you or lead you astray that you may not even have control over? Are there not enough signs and realities being shown that we as humans have a spirit and there is spiritual warfare here on this earth? I just simply cannot understand how people who say they need proof can’t see the proof that already exists. There is a reason for all of this and it is that you are allowing the falsehood to block you from seeing the truth. You can easily see that if you consume something harmful to your body in the matter of food/drink that there will be BAD consequences, where as if you consume something GOOD the body will then be nourished for the better. I would encourage everyone to analyze what it is they consume in regards to all of their senses because the same applies in every other form. Whether you are conscious of the changes or not, the effects will be revealed to those around you as well as yourself at some point in time.

Again not all music is evil, but there is a lot of it out there that just simply is. The music that glorifies positivity, moral behavior, God, Jesus, and proper values is indeed good. The music that tries to distract and elude you away from such exposure and experiences is indeed evil. Please become aware of this, how does it not make sense? What have these “artists” spewing a lot of this evil garbage ever done for you? The only thing they have done is provided you trash to deal with and accepted your hard earned money for their own personal gain. What sacrifices have they personally made to make your life better? Have they not in essence influenced your life to become worse whether it was you who they influenced or someone else you know? There is a gift out there waiting for you, there is more than what meets the eye. Just because you don’t personally see, touch, taste, hear, or smell everything that happens doesn’t mean that it doesn’t occur. There is life going on all over this world and a lot of it you miss out on experiencing with your human senses, but it doesn’t prevent any of it from actually having happened or existed. So why is it so hard for many to grasp typical faith, hope, spiritual, and Biblical principles? There is a reality that many have yet to be introduced to or come to be aware of. There is a truth that needs to be seen, heard, and felt by everyone. Don’t allow yourself to become a mindless drone to the activities of evil that happen within the music industry. There is evidence a.k.a. proof of Satan’s presence within a lot of the music and people creating it, take it seriously! The only way to help you overcome and withstand the consumption of evil that may be taking place within you is through the gift of Salvation, which is Jesus Christ. Again, people are able to acknowledge right/wrong, good/evil, and now it is time for them to acknowledge the presence of Heaven/Hell because a choice has to be made. Spirit is what sets our species apart from the rest because we are made in the image of God. This element of life is real ladies and gentleman and there is a spiritual battle at hand. Become aware and choose the pathway that is Jesus Christ for he is the only way to Heaven, which is the only option that will benefit you in this temporary life as well as throughout eternity.

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