My Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to my Lord and Savior
Who is Jesus, unashamed to proclaim his name forever
He walks with me and talks with me
A long life’s pathways and streets

God created me with a driven journey
Something I have to continue with his blessing
No person shall sway my way
At anytime or any given day

The Holy Spirit separates me from other humans
Who claim this is their home, when to me it’s foreign
They immerse themselves in this earth, while I’ll invest in Heaven

I walk an imperfect life like the rest do
But I am forgiven through and through
My sin was washed away that fateful day
Back on calvary where Christ made it fade

Free will is a gift God gave me
But never will I turn my back on his reality
Because his word proclaims truth and victory

It’s sad to see others not believe
When his creativity is clearly seen
All around us every time we blink
Having his will of life put in us each time we breathe

I choose the life of good morality and righteousness
Where it is deserved to have my allegiance
Until the day I go home to be with my creator, engulfed in gloriousness

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