My Victory

[1st Verse]:
Hallelujah Lord God I’m still here today
Been blessed through the stresses of yesterday
Gettin tempted on a daily basis
Seein all kinds of variations
Thrown at me of trial and tribulation

It wasn’t long ago I felt on top of the world
Just to get taught again how to be humble
I’ve been judged by the masses
Gettin comments made towards all my actions

Others tryin to hold me down with foolishness
Not givin a minute to consider my opinions
Cause their caught up with this trend of darkness
Thankfully I over stepped their bounds of manipulation
To keep my eye on you Christ and the well being of this nation

Havin to deal with these games that they play
I can’t afford to hesitate at any point these days
Distractions at every crossroad to hinder my path
With your aid Lord I know I am able to last

[2nd Verse]:
To this day I contemplate my pathway
I just know by your hand is the only right way
Nothin monetary can make me happy
There are great struggles even with riches
And Lord all I want is life in your experience

People bein critical at the worst moments
The barriers of life struck my confidence
But you’ve given me the intelligence
An ability to avoid such aspects of torment
It is somethin I’ll truly never forget

And gettin through these tests wasn’t easy
But you gave me the proper answers
A gateway to elevate my behavior
Helpin to overcome all of the treachery

The battle is far from over, I’m well aware
Maintainin my vision and showin I care
Are only a few tidbits of reality
In which you need me to give to humanity

I appreciate your loyalty and influence in my life
For it’s an encouragement to continue my growth and further the fight

[3rd Verse]:
This world anew the day that you arose
Out of the fog it began to bloom like a rose
Much like my journey when you embraced me
I have only you to thank for continued blessings

Endurance and strength instilled in my heart
You’ve been forever with me from the start
Hesitant I once was to share your grace
But bein shy wasn’t what you wanted from me

Now on this day even outside of my rhymes
You still shine your light amongst dark times
Liftin me up out of the harsh grind
No longer entertainin the idea of suicide
Since you gave me reason not to buy the lies

Through your sacrifice comes long wanted grace
The gift of eternal life and joy on my face
As many like me continue to race
I’m glad that Heaven is my finish line
And that it’ll forever be my dwelling place

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