What you hear isn’t always true
Friends thinkin they have a leg up on what it is that I do
Looks like I am successful in my mission
To not let the randoms access my personal information

I’m a complex individual, who you know me as
Might very well be totally different than the next
I don’t share 100% of who I am with anyone on this earth
Only God knows the full truth and value of my worth

Not everyone knows my activities nor my work
You can hear things from those closest to me and think it’s fact
But sadly what they say may very well not mean jack
People trying to express who I am for an introduction
I can’t be explained, not even my family can give an accurate description

Many want to know more about what makes me tick
The only way to truly know is by developing your own relationship
There is no third party that will explain what you want
Unless you are talking directly to Christ or God

Seeing as that won’t happen for you while you’re here
It will remain now and forever that you’re stranded between the ears
You can think what you want, either way it’s ok
I don’t mind some pathetic attempt to define what you think on this day

If you want to try to define me, then you must like to fail
Because there isn’t one person that can do it
No matter how many hours you spend, you’ll soon derail
Just face the facts your understanding is incorrect

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