National Prayer Day

Today marks the day for many to pray
Venturing out to lift up their surroundings
This is a unifying day
Where many are outreaching
To raise up all that needs to be

I myself have much to pray over
Family, friends, getting a career
To continue through life without fear
The hope that my family are all healthy for another year
That my friends will have improved situations
As they move closer to spreading throughout the nation

That purity can make a name for itself again
That violence can be diminished
That domestic disputes can be reduced
That abortion can become banished
That illegal activity can be refused
That alcohol will no longer be abused

So much to say, too much to name
Many differences, yet all labeled the same
They are problems that are involved in this game
A game of life that brings both glory and shame

I pray for the safety of the service men and women
That go all over the globe in order to defend
Defend a freedom we all take for granted
Whether it is today or tomorrow, we have to again
Make ourselves aware of the sacrifices being made
To keep our land enjoyable and safe

I pray that we never turn our backs on each other
Like we have been in the continued effort
To not put money before people any further

I pray that more can be saved by grace
So I can see genuine smiles across each face
Instead of the ones that are portrayed today
In order to disguise and hide away the pain

I pray for a resurgence of Faith and Love
To aid in the spread of what is sent from above
A lifetime worth of stories and goals
Need to be regenerated and put back into the fold
I pray for the help to all those involved in a struggle
There are so many responsibilities to juggle
That one can overwhelm themselves to become weak
So I pray that they can be encouraged to speak
To ask for the proper help they may need
Whether it is to another person or God down on their knees

So much to say, too much to mention
People working 40+ years and in return get no pension
Would be great to see the removal of all this tension
That continues to build even between us Christians

I pray that we can all improve upon our views
To do what needs to be done for others, not just a you
Timeless is the feeling of happiness, one that all want to acquire
I pray that we can all reach that point, it is my hope and my desire

I pray for the leadership that represent this country
That all things be done properly
To retrieve that element of unity
That feeds this nations belly of opportunity
So that we can once again be a successful joyous community

I pray for you who read this and have difficult experiences
I want nothing but the best for you to be blessed with
I hope that all things are well and continue to be
If they aren’t then again in my mind I’ll be praying
For whatever the circumstance is to aid in your personal recovery

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