New Tides

In this day and age it seems to be just a piece
A piece of paper that holds almost no meaning
Yet, there are a few that I see holding steady
Allowing for it to bring newness and make their lives exciting

Marriage a true gift and union of love
I am proud to know the individuals taking it seriously becoming one
Holding true to values and morality in their pursuit
Not allowing temptation to ruin their views

Many around me now getting married and engaged
For some it’s another walk in the park, while for others it’s the first time on stage
Experiencing everything new that should come along with the commitment
Rather than dipping into the bag of treats before hand

Seeing how they glow for the one they will marry
Is so refreshing to see since these days it is a rarity
I am proud to know these people stepping away from the crowd
Doing it the way it was meant to be before other tragedies were found

Even though it is the beginning of their lives together
I can see the desire that burns in their hearts for one another
Plus if they can overcome being so unique for this time
I know their remaining lives bound with each other will be fine

God Bless all of those taking this next step in their adventure
Turning to a new chapter in their lives, I hope all remains pure
It is my wish you remain loyal and faithful in this endeavor
For your love can only grow from here if you build up and invest in your partner forever

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