New World

1st Verse:

Each and every day someone leaves
They leave this world behind like a dream
We all try to anticipate what they see
But can’t fathom the possibility of beauty
That is beyond our frame of imagining

Goin through the steps of wonder
I’ve wanted to see at one point the treasure
That is in store for all of the believers

To explain to my curiosity what may be right
We’ve heard about streets of gold
Buildings like diamonds in the sunlight
Gates of pearl, imagination now tryin to be bold

Angels singin hymns that we’ve never heard
Usin instruments producin music unlike any other
A sense of weightlessness embraces our figure
Just to fill us up with the grace of adventure

Seein creatures never thought to have existed
Roamin together in harmony and pleasure
Our mind overwhelmed cause we don’t want to miss it
Every new element introduced so pure and oh so elegant

2nd Verse:

At times I think of when I’ll leave the flesh
In order to fade into the spirit
To be lifted up to the golden gate
Greeted by an angel leadin me to judgement

As we walk down those roads of clarity
I envision myself seein unknown family
All lookin my way smilin and wavin
As I get ready to meet God the Father of creation

It will be quite the journey to see all these things
Feelin love like never before as I approach the door
To the throne of the Lord and Savior

I cannot wait to bathe in the water of Heaven
So clear and clean with unlimited supply
No one will ever have to thirst again
Because the stream he provides can never run dry

I’ve taken many breaths now in my day
And when that last one happens to come
I know that all of my worries will then be ok
Since I will finally be in a land that is Holy

3rd Verse:

I pray that on this day
In times of much tragedy
With darkness looming more and more conspiracy
That more people will be saved

That more people will be able to answer their curiosity
And see what Heaven looks like as their body enters the grave

Not to be afraid of death, but to know it isn’t the end

There is a far greater life to experience
When the journey here on earth concludes

Heavenly Father let us reach these citizens
So they can partake in this new world with you…Amen

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