Not just Earth

Solid expressions, wonderful meanings
Everyone left to solve the mystery
Of what could possibly
Be the explanation for this intensity
To be involved with finding an ounce of reasoning
For one not to believe in something
That gives you the gift of eternity

Many living daily life like this is all there is
That has to be sad to have that sort of system
Because that would guarantee being afraid of dying
Since you would lose everything you’ve been

Living life scared isn’t living at all
Knowing one has security
Is usually the way people want to be
To allow themselves the comfort of not having a wall
That prevents them from living freely

I would hate to have that mentality
Of thinking this world is as good as it gets
Because that wouldn’t bring much meaning
To any of my experiences that I have partaken in

This world can be destroyed
Life here will come to an end
This time now is like an investment
In something you will enjoy
If you take the proper steps to depend
On the one that created your time here to spend

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