Open Sea

Standing alone on a starlit beach
At the ocean of expectation that is rising
With the tide beginning to engulf my feet
I look out to the horizon for a sense of meaning

The water flat as glass
Stars sparkling like diamonds
Upon the disarray of finding myself at an impass

With no wind, I feel the gentleness of the air
Entering smoothly into my lungs
For the journey of answering questions has only just begun

Given this situation of serenity
Allowing me the chance to oversee such beauty
Is corrupting my initial vision of possibility

Why can’t I escape the idea of distraction
That consistently haunts my way of interaction
I fall to my knees displeased at what may be
With uncommon tendencies still lurking

Through the cracks comes doubt of the strength that I lack
As I kneel here in my faults which resemble the sand
I stretch to encompass priority of which my foundation is built on
The solid rock that has blessed me through such prior contemplation

I hear the voice of my conscious speak
Calming the stress that has made me weak
Injecting the hope that has always remained
With the light that is spread by his Holy name

I see the shape off in the distance
That sparks the determination in my thoughts
To overcome any form of resistance
That may be tempted within me

Each sparkle now causing a flash in which I reminisce
About the great sacrifice that was made
That saved so many souls one fateful day
I now open my arms to once again be lifted by the gift

Rising up out of the worry
I feel no sense of urgency
To continue to panic about my uncertainties

Looking back up into the sky I see
The spelling of the phrase “In Remembrance of Me”
Emphasizing my mind to stay focused on the ultimate prize
For only one pathway can lead me into living a truly fulfilled life

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