Open Source

Come here a moment step inside
No longer will I try to hide
You want to express your views
Then I can share mine too

Jump all over me for applying correlation
Just cause you fail to see the connection
Doesn’t make it my fault you lack the intellect
So don’t try to defame me with your lack of respect

Jealousy doesn’t suit me
So don’t waste yours on me
It isn’t a good quality
Please delve into positivity

Harsh tongues giving name calling a comeback
What intangibles do you lack, are you a quack
Thinking you can take the high road
By addressing only what you feel is relevant
Sorry that’s not how it works my friend

There is more at stake than what you think
Look around the world isn’t exactly free
Some can’t even get access to a clean drink
And here many are taking for granted even breathing

New names come with new times
Descriptions associated with people varying depictions
I am just sitting here wishin
That actions need to happen
In order to stop discrimination of situations
Especially with the common occurrence of wrongful accusations

Just because someone doesn’t agree doesn’t make them wrong
It’s the differences that make for something strong
However as you can see each day, light and darkness
Just as that is the case with time, so it is in humans

Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know
Learn from those around you rather than dismiss
There is only potential for you to grow
Don’t be a fool to think ignorance is bliss

We are all here to help one another
Don’t believe me then ask your father
Not the biological, but the one that is higher
To each his own is a common code, so let’s decipher

We all have different talents and gifts
Which is it that is deemed legitimate
None are of more importance over the other
There are strengths and weaknesses created to bring order
Nobody has it all, there is opportunity for them to fall
So without support how can they make it quit
The answer is simple, just listen to the call

So to say that greater influence doesn’t exist
Is so illogical and foolish
Check yourself and that around you
How can you say that there aren’t spirits

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