Out of the Depths

Submerged into the deep, drowning in decisions
Which way to swim is a constant question
Where to look for the air I need to survive
Is ticking down the clock of life that will allow me to be revived

Flashes of light and sparkles in the water around me
Illuminate a beam of hope to follow down a new road
The utility of breath spurs into my lungs further swimming
Remembering the only place to look and reach when sinking is up

Gazing into this new array of guidance shocks my senses
Experiencing feelings to keep me going forward unlike before
The frantic pace at which my mind had raced
Is now slowing down as my body is rising with an aid

While elevating to the top to emerge for a breath
I realize that I’m being carried by the current of blessing
That reestablishes the promise of not being abandoned

Sometimes we are quick to forget we’re not alone
When surrounded by a sea of doubt and self pride
It tends to cloud the reactions of our mind that we know
Can always save us from a tragedy, which is looking to Christ because he never hides

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