Overwhelming pressure to fulfill expectation
Never a time to be away from stress
What is it that is wrong with this nation
Can i find a way out of this mess

Where is it within i can utilize this technique
To be something else other than uneasy
Sitting back and waiting isn’t necessarily me
So what is there to do to alleviate this need

Walking through the process a hundred times
I always result to the same question of why
Not knowing what to do next in my walk
So to the Lord i contine to go for a talk

Human intuition hinders my mindset
Constantly facing unpleasant thoughts of doubt
Always jumping the hurdles of stress that i get
Wondering when i can find my way out

Like a maze that never ends
This process just seems useless
Wondering how this will be of benefit
I don’t know why i am still sitting on ice
Waiting to be implemented into this world of business

Paying the price of success and pressure
Is a constant battle in this time
I am still in my prime
And just hope that i can endure
Through this sought after next chapter in my life’s timeline

God has all the answers this i am aware
But where is it i need to go?
What is it that will change to make me know?
What is it that will happen to make me care?
Plenty of thoughts continue to flow
Signs may be coming, atleast i hope so

Continuing to let myself grow is hard
Because there is too many other concerns
That are blocking my ability to analyze and learn
What it is that may be there to spark this start
Of pressing on and moving forward

Patience is key in dealing with God’s timing
I surrendered myself and know he is in control
Just have to get over this instinctual onslaught
And get back to living for one amplified purpose

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