I can feel myself slippin away
Slowly as the time ticks each day
I don’t know what else to say
But the more I write the quicker I fade

It’s almost like I’m holdin on just to speak this
Since when I die all that you’ll have left of me are these lyrics
I am bein preserved to fulfill his wishes
To get the point across in a manner only I have been gifted

Hard to face the facts that I may not reach my Birthday
Because each time I feel a rise of life, in comes somethin shady
Pain tuggin at my insides before I can even realize
That I am no where near the end of my climb

These demons that are tryin to get me to break
Don’t seem to know where it is I am destined to go
When the time comes for me not to awake
I shall overcome their antics tryin to lure me into the shadows

I can’t let those who look up to me see any discrepancies
Because it is the Holy Spirit that lives within me
Not some attack from the evil conspiracy
So to give in or shake would be a mistake I couldn’t ever be

I try to remain calm in all this that goes on
Reflectin back in life like slow motion when the lights are off
Dreamin of what was unseen in past situations
To better me as a man quickly before the coming of Revelations

I don’t know how else to progress
When I’m no king, yet I’m in checkmate
With all this nonsense producin new forms of hate
Disallowin people like me to infiltrate a form of success
Gettin people aware that they also can be blessed

Avoidin the distress that is caused with mental illusion
I face the fact that I’m made up of more than just human
I need to draw resources from Heaven to fulfill the regimen
That my life is meant for here on this planet

So one day people like you can also have the relationship
That takes away the pain and cleanses the sinful stains
Risin you up out of the gutter that this society has become
To put you in motion as an example for someone else’s freedom

I may be just a young man, but even I know there is a bigger plan
You can’t be stingy and ignorant to the fact
That the universe is bigger than you no matter how you act
So here I stand seconds closer to death hopin you react
To the gift that has been given to you through Christ the lamb

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