Pensado Empapelar

I hear the cries of the children amongst the citizens
Because within us lies a child who we once believed in
As the years went by and others around us tried to shape shift our mind
The intuition of uniqueness somewhere subsides

Media impact and cultural influence where nature overcame nurture
Delegating what remains in our brain depicting every step of the future
Questions contemplating sanity amongst humanity all the same
We continue moving forward trying to emphasize a name

Acquire a license and spread the image of our being
Never the less anticipating an outcome without even trying
Impression of the first stages of the meet and greet
Shy away our true sense of self moving those actions to the back seat

Front of the class trying to outsmart a counterpart
To become prestigious in a forum of competence from the start
Not quite knowing the extent of events that cause a commotion
With a pro comes a con and a right rivals a wrong in every situation

Fly safe over the land of conspiracy fighting to inspire against the mainstream
That pulls the weight of the world onto our shoulders with its negative gravity
We ask ourselves each day we awake what to expect on this particular day
Will we find success or will something happen to eliminate something great
Fools gold is what everyone is attempting to hold in a constant state of haze
Thinking fame will lift them out of this life they deem a grave

Every heart beats and every body bleeds
Each purpose of the individual is something unique
Many on their knees of rock bottom beginning to plead
Where is it they go though for what they think is a need of necessity
Why is faith, love, and joy so hard to perceive into belief
When nobody seems hesitant to use the key that unlocks pity and grief

Breathe in the new and exhale the old
Amongst the rest a journey unfolds
Don’t let die what is within you that needs to be told

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